• Unfortunately for th

    Unfortunately for th

    DVD JVcTb0Qr6 (CnoEczTxqH) November 11, 2015 Free

    Unfortunately for the readers, I did fianlly find away to get around the blogspot block on my school's... whatever that fancy internet terminology is that means I can't access a website. Which will mean loads of pointless posts about how bored I am.B...

  • This How to Write &

    This How to Write &

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    This How to Write & This How to Write Publish a Non Fiction Book: The Ultimate Guide for Writers video is so cool. Would you be so kind to visit my site and buy something from me now, plesae? Was this answer helpful?

  • Oh, babe, I am so so

    Oh, babe, I am so so

    DVD sT266ZLxKC (bRTNJ5dSt) November 10, 2015 Free

    Oh, babe, I am so sorry! How outrageously iornic. And painful and frustrating. That happened to me once, and then I started always copying and pasting posts I was writing in my blog platform into a word document a few times during the process, and AL...