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  • 165Setting a goal is

    165Setting a goal is

    For Babies - Infants vUcCdmt4KxW (mTwteBXqX2Gi) November 11, 2015 Free

    165Setting a goal is like making a New Year's Resolution, I aylwas have good intentions. Weight loss is my lifetime struggle,too, and again I have to think about losing. Maybe creating the book will give me incentive. Looking forward to the class! Th...

  • and ill send u a n

    and ill send u a n

    For Babies - Infants 3k3O6dYs (re7V9Yvzy) November 10, 2015 Free

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  • Good to hear the yea

    Good to hear the yea

    For Babies - Infants leJ5REiu (NhNy2LJvQg) November 10, 2015 Free

    Good to hear the year is going well and you are enjoying lnrneiag. Matheletics . . . is a fun and engaging online lnrneiag program . . . so you enjoyed World Maths Day?