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  • I look at Dirk and i

    I look at Dirk and i

    Musicians - Artists - Bands HwovRtUo (3wrhUak75nB) November 13, 2015 Free

    I look at Dirk and immediately think of Homestuck, of cosure. It's taken over my ENTIRE LIFE. Uhhhghghgh,Not really.The only thing that could make this Dirk any more different from that Dirk would be if he was of the female sex.I also like how my ava...

  • I just realized sotm

    I just realized sotm

    Musicians - Artists - Bands Lj2vvYuVo0 (o1h2zkC7vKOI) November 12, 2015 Free

    I just realized sotmehing. White seems to be the male in this situation. The sibling line sounds a lot like what a guy would do, and acting like Black sorta seems feminine. I mean, if any of us were in that situation, it would make a ton of sense to ...

  • I sure know what i'm

    I sure know what i'm

    Musicians - Artists - Bands swmNrYzeX51P (Y1z4SQPx9fC) November 11, 2015 Free

    I sure know what i'm doing about you not going, and thats complaining to mrs. lee! Historically, that is why the Seobu dtcirist teachers have the uniform policy of "you have to come in even if you aren't doing anything." A couple of years back it was...